The virginia plan essay

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The virginia plan essay

Introduction 10 minutes Ask students to work with a partner or table group and think of the three most important things to do in order to be successful in school.

Share answers and decide on three as a class. Write them on the board. Have students work together again and think of three details for each of the three ideas on the board.

Share and write three details under each idea. Tell students that they just created an outline for an informative essay. Discuss possible topics for the essay.

Go over the instructions and read the essay together. As a class, follow the steps on the bottom.

The Virginia Plan helped shape the way the United States government works today. In this lesson, you'll learn about the structure of the Virginia. The Virginia Plan is a plan that proposed a government with three branches and a two-house legislature in which representation would be based on a state's population or wealth. The first branch as the legislature, which made the laws. Read New Jersey Plan Vs. Virginia Plan free essay and over 89, other research documents. New Jersey Plan Vs. Virginia Plan. In forming the constitution many rigorous negotiations took place in order for a prosperous government to take stride. It was /5(1).

Students will mark up the essay, identifying each of the parts. Add additional explanation about each of the parts as needed.

Distribute the worksheet Informative Essay: Go over the instructions together and then support students as they assemble the essay outline. Students will arrange the strips in a variety of ways. Having the freedom to do this will help them think about how the ideas are related and organized.

Review the correct arrangement using the answer key, discussing discrepancies if needed. Independent working time 10 minutes Distribute the worksheet Informative Essay: Students will practice generating a hierarchical structure of information by creating a web of their own.

You may choose to have students actually write an essay based on this idea web. Differentiation Support Give clues for the Mixed Up Essay activity by providing one or more of the topics or getting them started with the title.

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Enrichment Instruct students to write an informational essay based on their idea web. Instruct students to examine structure of other nonfiction texts. How is it similar? How is it different?

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Assessment 5 minutes Provide three details and have students write a reasonable topic that they would fall under in a paragraph. Review and closing 5 minutes Discuss: How is the structure of an informational essay different from the structure of a narrative or a story?virginia plan Essay  Yes I think the Virginia plan gave too much power to the national government because the States wanted to keep their own power.

They were afraid to give too much power to one national government because They did not want a tyranny like the king.


The articles of confederation gave power to declare war, appoint military. APUSH: The Constitution and the Federalists. STUDY. PLAY.

The virginia plan essay

Virginia Plan. Also known as the Large-State Plan, set the tone for the Constitutional Convention of with a proposal for a bicameral legislature with a population-weighted representation The "father of the constitution," wrote much of the Federalist papers, organized the.

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Design a compromise plan for the creation of our Congress that would please supporters of both the New Jersey and Virginia Plans.

The virginia plan essay

Create a Venn Diagram where you . William Peterson of New Jersey presented the plan to the Convention on June 15, The plan became known as the New Jersey Plan. Though it included provisions that the larger states would never agree to, it reasserted the smaller states' position.

Also of interest is the British Plan.

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