Stanza wise summary of our casuarina tree

Accredited with collection of poems like A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fieldsand Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustanshe could have had achieved much more had she lived beyond her twenty first year. She died of tuberculosis in

Stanza wise summary of our casuarina tree

Both of them died and Toru was gripped in deep melancholy.

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Actually this fact influences the entire lyric The casuarina tree is winded round by a networks of creepers which resembles a python curling and crushing its prey. The beautiful red flowers excucively decorate the entire casuarina teee.

They attract the bees and birds to pearch over the colourful foliage. The poet says that a sweet music vibrates the whole garden at night.

When the poet opens the window in the morning the first thing which comes across her eyes is the magestic Casuarina tree.

Stanza wise summary of our casuarina tree

In winter months the poet watches agrey baboon sitting motionless over the upper branches of the tree lile a statue watching the sunrise in the cool morning. While on the lower branches the poet finds the baby boboons playing about merrily.

In the cimson sunlight she can also experience the kokilas singing happily. The water lilies are glowing in the tank under the shadow of giant casuarina tree whlie the cows are led to green pastures. Thus the gives a vivid descreption of casuarina tree.

Stanza wise summary of our casuarina tree

The Casuarina tree is very beloved to the poet. The poet meorises the Casuarina tree with her brothers and sisters like a companion. She used to play under the treein childhood with her sibligs which is dead now. The poet wants to make the tree immortal like the U-trees of Borrowdale sanctified by Wordsworth in his poertry.Summary of Enterprise by Nissim Ezekiel.

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The two pictures of the first stanza and of the present are glaringly antithetical. One is marked with the high spirit, the fresh enthusiasm and the challenging attitude. Summary of Our Casuarina Tree ; Khilafat Movement and Its Importance ; Khilafat Movement (summary) Brief Story of .

The tree is seen to be situated near a tank full with lilies as white as snow. The tree is precious to the poet for it is a conduit to her childhood and its fond memories and a source of purging of her pain.

She hears a cry and takes it to be the elegy of the tree which reaches distant shores via the sea. While on the surface it seems like the poem is only about the Casuarina tree, it is more about her friendship with her childhood friends which she dearly misses.

The Casuarina tree is a symbol of their friendship and thus she writes an ode to it. Symbolism. The title of the poem is “Our Casuarina Tree”. The Casuarina tree here is symbolic.

Stanza Wise Summary Of Our Casuarina Tree Free Essays November 7th, - Stanza Wise Summary Of Our Casuarina Tree Our Casuarina Tree Our Casuarina Tree is a poem by Toru Dutt an Indian poet The poem gives an objective description of the Short Summary of “Our Casuarina Tree†by Toru Dutt.

At the beginning of the poem 'The Casuarina Tree' the poet likens the Casuarina tree to a giant wearing a scarf of creeper. The creeper winds around the trunk like a python.

Short Summary of “Our Casuarina Tree” by Toru Dutt

We imagine the tree to. Our Casuarina Tree is a poem written by poetess Toru Dutt. This poem has personal association with the poetess' life. Poet had a unforgettable young life associated with a big Casuarina Tree situated in a big garden house at Rambagan, where she spend her childhood with her dearest ones.

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