Skating rink business plans

Pair lifts[ edit ] Pair lifts are generally overhead. According to the current ISU rules for senior-level competition, the man must rotate more than once, but fewer than three-and-a-half times.

Skating rink business plans

Warmup suits and leg warmers Statement items: Each partner brings to the business varying areas of expertise and is responsible for the area of the company that best utilizes his or her skills.

All will assist in other areas where needed. Arabesque is slated to open for business in Januaryif not sooner. Monday through Wednesday Thursday and Friday Saturday Initially, the store will be staffed by two employees, at least one a principal, at all times. Three employees will work on Saturdays.

Additional principals would come in as needed to handle customer service, inventory, and maintenance.

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With expansion, additional customer service representatives would be employed. Itwillalso offer "dance" statement clothing and items, such as T-shirts, carry-all bags, and boxers, as well as miscellaneous impulse items, such as keychains, picture frames, calendars, and how-to books. With expansion, it will offer performance-related props and costumes.

Need Fulfillment Dance, skate, and exercise students and enthusiasts must currently purchase through limited supplies dance teachers carry, order through a catalog, or drive to Ann Arbor, Livonia or Dearborn for a complete line of ballet, tap, jazz and skating apparel and shoes.

One or two studios try to stock their own apparel, but to date, this method has not been reliable. Their stock is old, outdated, and limited. This radius encompasses residents of Livingston, Washtenaw, western Oakland, western Wayne, and southern Shiawassee counties. For a breakdown of potential customers by city, please reference the section titled Demographics.

Dancers, Skaters, and Exercisers Potential customers would be drawn from dance studios, skate clubs, fitness centers, community education programs, YMCA classes, and public and private schools.


The following demographics for dance studio teachers and students were obtained through a survey. Skate clubs were not surveyed because we assumed the results would be similar to those of dance studios. Dance Studios A survey of dance studios in the Plymouth area shows the following: Ariel Lyndstrom is the teacher.

There are approximately students, ages years. Of the students, are in ballet; 30 on pointe.

skating rink business plans

The Institute offers ballet, jazz, and tap. Students can wear skirts and a different color once a week. Danzier and Korkov shoes are used for beginning students.

Amy Scott, the owner, is the primary teacher.Lifeguard employment opportunities at the Centennial Sportsplex. We continuously accept applications for lifeguards. Not certified? We have instructors to assist you. Before you write a business plan, check out some sample business plans for fitness centers, corporate fitness, gyms, health clubs, golf courses, driving ranges, skating, fishing, bowling, cycling and other sports businesses.

Outdoor ice rinks at 25 parks citywide will open in late December, weather and conditions permitting. Many offer separate rinks for general skating and recreational uses such as hockey, broomball and pond hockey. Outdoor rinks Refrigerated Bleu Blanc Bouge rink.

The Bleu Blanc Bouge rink initiated by the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation at parc de la Confédération offers optimal ice conditions thanks to its refrigeration system, which preserves the ice in the event of a thaw and thus prolongs the outdoor skating and hockey season.

Sportsworld Roller Rink Edmonton

A once-popular city landmark is changing. The two ice skating rinks at Pan Am Plaza are gone. It wasn't entirely unexpected. A few years ago, Indianapolis-based Kite Companies bought the plaza and two rinks with the intent of re-developing the property.

Sportsworld Inline & Roller Skating Disco takes you back in time with a will keep you moving in the winter and you can beat the heat in the summer with our fully air conditioned facility.

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