Sami romdhani thesis

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Sami romdhani thesis

Huang ABSTRACT Synthesis and re-targeting of facial expressions is central to facial animation and often involves significant manual work in order to achieve realistic expressions, due to the difficulty of capturing high quality expression data.

Recent progress in dynamic 3-D scanning allows very accurate acquisition of dense point clouds of facial geometry and texture moving at video speeds.

Study on Hidden Information of Microelectronic Packaging Image Series with PCA

Often the new facial expressions need to be rendered in different environments where the illumination is different from the original capture conditions. In this paper we examine the problem of re-targeting captured facial motion under different illumination conditions when the information we have about the face we want to animate is minimal, a single input image.

Given an input image of a face, a set of illumination example images of other faces captured under different illumination and a facial expression motion sequence, we aim to generate novel expression sequences of the input face under the lighting conditions in the illumination example images.

The input image and illumination example images can be taken under arbitrary unknown lighting.

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In this paper, we propose two methods in which a 3D spherical harmonic morphable model SHBMM can generate images under new lighting conditions with remarkable quality even if only one single image under unknown lighting is available, not only for static poses but for dynamic sequences as well where the face is undergoing subtle high-detail motion.Handbook of Face Recognition Stan Z.

Li Anil K. Jain Editors Handbook of Face Recognition With Illustrations. Sami Romdhani; Labs: Max Planckt Institut of Informatik; Multi Dimensional Signal Processing Lab(UCSD-Milanfar) The Image and Video Processing Lab(Northwestern-Katsaggelos) The Vision Lab(Weissman Inst.

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Sami romdhani thesis

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