Research papers on project manament

Marketing Supply Chain Management Project management might also fit in as a research focus with one of the above areas of concentration. For example, you could earn your doctoral degree in supply chain management with a research focus of project management, or a computer information systems degree as the discipline relates to project management. At the doctoral level, you plan your own research based on your interests and goals.

Research papers on project manament

The project involves a worldwide consortium of research groups, and data generated from this project can be accessed through public databases. The project is beginning its fourth phase as of February The primary goal of the ENCODE project is to determine the role of the remaining component of the genome, much of which was traditionally regarded as "junk.

Research papers on project manament

It is thought that changes in the regulation of gene activity can disrupt protein production and cell processes and result in disease. Determining the location of these regulatory elements and how they influence gene transcription could reveal links between variations in the expression of certain genes and the development of disease.

Other participants contributing to the project are brought up into the Consortium or Analysis Working Group. Afterthe number of participants grew up to scientists from 32 laboratories worldwide as the pilot phase was officially over. At the moment the consortium consists of different centers which perform different tasks.

The fourth phase is a continuation of the third, and includes functional characterization and further integrative analysis for the encyclopedia.

The goal of the pilot phase was to identify a set of procedures that, in combination, could be applied cost-effectively and at high-throughput to accurately and comprehensively characterize large regions of the human genome.

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The pilot phase had to reveal gaps in the current set of tools for detecting functional sequences, and was also thought to reveal whether some methods used by that time were inefficient or unsuitable for large-scale utilization.

Some of these problems had to be addressed in the ENCODE technology development phase, which aimed to devise new laboratory and computational methods that would improve our ability to identify known functional sequences or to discover new functional genomic elements.

Research papers on project manament

The Pilot Project[ edit ] The pilot phase tested and compared existing methods to rigorously analyze a defined portion of the human genome sequence. It was organized as an open consortium and brought together investigators with diverse backgrounds and expertise to evaluate the relative merits of each of a diverse set of techniques, technologies and strategies.

The concurrent technology development phase of the project aimed to develop new high throughput methods to identify functional elements. The goal of these efforts was to identify a suite of approaches that would allow the comprehensive identification of all the functional elements in the human genome.

The ENCODE pilot project process involved close interactions between computational and experimental scientists to evaluate a number of methods for annotating the human genome.

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These regions served as the foundation on which to test and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a diverse set of methods and technologies for finding various functional elements in human DNA. The two main criteria for manually selected regions were: A total of The decision to use these particular criteria was made in order to ensure a good sampling of genomic regions varying widely in their content of genes and other functional elements.

From each stratum, three random regions were chosen for the pilot project. For those strata underrepresented by the manual picks, a fourth region was chosen, resulting in a total of 30 regions. For all strata, a "backup" region was designated for use in the event of unforeseen technical problems.

In greater detail, the stratification criteria were as follows:Chapter Social Media and Emergency Management Social Media Enters the Emergency Scene In response to Hurricane Katrina in , crisis informatics research documented some of. Network Training Courses.

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The University of Houston premier mobile networking technology training program is designed to equip participants with the skills, confidence, and credibility needed to plan, design, operate, and manage today’s advanced telecommunications networking and .

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Strategic Management is, in fact, the only course that has as its stated purpose the integration and application of key management concepts.

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Normally, students are expected to have a working knowledge of the primary business management disciplines of accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and operations, when entering the course.

Project Management Methodology is a strictly defined combination of logically related practices, methods and processes that determine how best to plan, develop, control and deliver a project throughout the continuous implementation process until successful completion and termination.

It is a scientifically-proven, systematic and disciplined. project management and professional development,assignment help,essay help,identify suitable project management academic resources and use those resources to undertake academic research .

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