People today are selfish and greedy essay

UK Humans are naturally selfish, study finds HUMANS are not necessarily evolved to cooperate with one another and we do have a selfish side given half the chance.

People today are selfish and greedy essay

Please open your hand. I could go on and on with every single one of these ridiculous awards handed out to people whose award is actually their fully realized success and wealth in not having to work a regular job like everyone else that pays to hear their music or watch their movies.

You get the picture.

Rent-Seeking, Public Choice, and The Prisoner's Dilemma

Excluded from this article are children who get awards. It is not wise to have idols. They are everyday people who just happened to get lucky and are very fortunate to be able to do what they enjoy doing for a living without having to hold down a normal job that they hate doing, which is often the case for many people.

Struggling artists, actors, even everyday people who just for whatever reason cannot get a better paying job. I know, I was once in that situation myself.

Did you ever think of that?

People today are selfish and greedy essay

It takes two to tango. The YouTuber, Actor, Musician, etc. They got where they are with the help of the audience. After all, they are the ones watching the ads on the videos and paying for the music and to watch the movies.

The audience basically helps pave the way for these YouTubers, Actors and Musicians. I can only try to be as empathetic as possible.

People today are selfish and greedy essay

But all sarcasm aside: Sounds like someone deserving of a Lifetime Achievement Award if you ask me. Hell, sounds like someone more deserving of living in a mansion more than any Hollywood actor.

And when I say repent, I say that as a godless animal who was once a Roman Catholic but is now an agnostic-atheist.

They should be able to perform some kind of self-reflection and not repeat the same habitual negative behavior day after day. But without getting too sidetracked here into a whole other essay and analysis, there usually is a valid reason as to why a 10 or 50 year old acts like they do, and sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of personal effort, fortitude, maturity and responsibility for someone to realize what they are doing is wrong and to change their ways.

If they can even change their ways that is, since some people have serious mental health issues like true schizophrenics that lack the mental capacity and wherewithal.

Are Humans Good or Evil? - Essay

Each and every single one of us are imperfect, flawed, and keyword: Think of it like this:Feb 18,  · For example, people are having individual selfishness, like behaving selfishly to others because of some reasons and those are having social selfishness, ie, not being selfish to people having social Psychology of Selfishness.

- Essay - GREED II. Is exploitation wrong? First it’s obvious not all people are interested in harmony. Some are excessively greedy. Some people prefer power, which tends to corrupt. Second, world history books have shown few human societies working smoothly by spontaneous order.

so we may be surprised to learn that today, the largest. Nobody wants to be with a destructive person. Hence a greedy person becomes lonely & loses ties with people around him. A greedy person fails to understand .


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Jan 09,  · British people are selfish, inward looking and incredibly mercenry. As long as they're doing allright they don't care about anyone else. For all the average middle class manager cares the working class of this country can rot in their own feces.

2. Living to Excess.

Essay title: Are Humans Good or Evil?

More wine. More beer. More junk food. More everything! When greed manifests as the intense and selfish desire for food and drink, it can lead to a plethora of health problems.

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