Gambling a cash cow for provincial government essay

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Gambling a cash cow for provincial government essay

You arrive after going over some hills at the Vietnamese border where very friendly guys handle your case easily and with no hassle.

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You fill out the form for "temporary export of a vehicle", show them the Vietnamese Registration Card for the bike which is in the owners name, not yours usually and pay USD Then you proceed to the police, show the papers to them and get the exit stamp.

You then have to drive for 6km over the mountains to get to the Lao checkpoint. There you will find some not so friendly border guards who expect you to pay 5, kip for general fees and 25, kip for importing a vehicle that's roughly three US dollars.

They fill out the form themselves and issue a day visa there is some talk on the Internet about day visa or even 7-day arriving on a bike, but that's crap. So after spending maybe 20min on at each border you and your bike are in Laos and the journey can go on!

However, some travellers experience huge complications at the Tay Trang border, trying to pass the border with a motorbike and being requested to produce an incredible amount of paperwork licence for the bike has to be from the same province as your resident card Some travellers have been denied exiting Vietnam at Tay Trang as their motorbike was not licensed in the Dien Bien district plate number It doesn't seem possible anymore to cross for travellers with just the blue card, except if you are a Vietnamese resident with all the motorbike papers in order.

Get around[ edit ] Being in transit by air, road or river in Laos can be as rewarding as the destination itself - but allow plenty of leeway in your schedule for the near-inevitable delays, cancellations and breakdowns.

By plane[ edit ] State carrier Lao Airlines has a near-monopoly on domestic flights, a dodgy safety history in the past, but a good safety record now. The fairly comprehensive network is by far the fastest and, relatively speaking, the safest way of reaching many parts of the country.

Gambling a cash cow for provincial government essay

As ofthe popular Vientiane-Luang Prabang route costs about USD one-waybut covers in 40 minutes what would take you at least ten to twelve hours by bus. Flights to more remote destinations, though, are flown on the Xian MA60, a Chinese knockoff of the Soviet An, and are frequently cancelled without warning if the weather is bad or not enough passengers show up.

These airfields are all rudimentary and flights are cancelled at the drop of a hat if weather is less than perfect. By road[ edit ] VIP, minibus or car? Minibuses are quicker and more expensive, however that doesn't mean they are necessarily better. A typical VIP Bus is just an old bus by Western standards generally retired Chinese tour busesand may be more prone to breakdowns, but they usually have more leg room which can make a long journey much more comfortable.

Both types are usually air conditioned though it doesn't always work. Even more expensive, but certainly the most convenient, is a rented car with driver. Some can even drive over the border to Thailand, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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The cars can be arranged at tour agencies, tourist hotels and car rental companies. The cars are new, so they're reliable. They have the bonus of your being able to stop the car at any time for photos, nosing around a village or just stretching your legs.

Still, the main routes connecting VientianeVang ViengLuang Prabang and Savannakhet are now asphalt, and the transport options on these roads include bus, minibus, and converted truck.

Some common routes through Laos include: Luang Prabang to Phonsavan - minibus: Phonsavan to Sam Neua - converted pickup truck: Sam Neua to Muang Ngoi - minivan: Muang Ngoi to Luang Namtha - Minivan: Luang Namtha to Huay Xai - road only passable in the dry season, but the same journey can be made by boat in the rainy season.You'll find that most temples are setup to capitalize on foreigners as cash cows, and will charge you a higher price for being a foreigner.

Gambling a cash cow for provincial government essay

If you can't speak Laotian like a native you'll be charged a higher price. Wat Sisaket charges Lao/Isaan speakers Kip, and foreigners are expected to pay kip.

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The Gambling Addiction However, one of the other most popular addictions is gambling. Recreational gambling is a form of recreation and a way of spending leisure time, problem gambling is when the first negative consequences of gambling appears, and pathological gambling is addiction with all of its consequences.

3/5(5). Government is the most powerful department of the country, so it is okay for government to be in the gambling business and there are many reasons for it: Only the government can make good use of the taxation in the gambling business.

Gambling is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database.

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I’m looking for. I’m looking in. Enter your email to get essay samples on your topic Although the United States federal government has legalized gambling throughout the country, many Preview. Gambling in Australia. 3 pages (