Ethical issues of imperial tobacco

However, there is no widely agreed framework for CSR which specifies minimum standards of social performance - even though public institutions such as the European Commission have tried. Tobacco-related deaths are projected to rise to 8. The Guidelines to article 5. The tobacco industry conducts activities described as socially responsible to distance its image from the lethal nature of the product it produces and sells or to interfere with the setting and implementation of public health policies.

Ethical issues of imperial tobacco

Imperial Tobacco Corporate Responsibility Review: Close, but no cigar By EC Newsdesk on May 2, Imperial Tobacco is serious in its reporting, but this dry tome needs to be more accessible Credibility is one thing.

Boring is something else. Imperial Tobacco clearly wants to be taken seriously but its Corporate Responsibility Review takes serious to a new level — seriously boring. This certainly paints a picture of a robust approach but it is not very effective at communicating what the company has actually achieved.

The design is sober but attractive. Pictures are relevant and the graphs, for the most part, are easy to follow. Confusingly, environmental charts only include data up toas this is reported 12 months in arrears to allow for collection and verification.

Ethical issues of imperial tobacco

This is easy to miss unless you read the footnotes to the non-financial performance data table at the end of the review. Roll out Imperial Tobacco has certainly been busy.

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In it acquired Spanish rival Altadis in a move that more than doubled its staff to 38, and increased the number of factories from 31 to The emphasis on approach and management makes the review heavy going at times. It would benefit from some variation through more text boxes, sub-headings and bullet points.

Most interesting are four case studies covering youth smoking prevention, employee consultation, sustainable paper sourcing for Rizla cigarette papers, and community projects in sub-Saharan Africa. A highlights section at the beginning summarises focus areas and progress.

Targets are clearly presented but most are qualitative and process-orientated, making it difficult to judge if they have been achieved.

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Imperial Tobacco includes helpful symbols indicating if a target has been met or not, but the interpretation is open to question.

The emphasis on qualitative targets continues into as the integration of Altadis nears completion. It would be good to see more quantified targets in future. As you would expect, the company acknowledges the health impacts of its products and mounts a strong defence of its business.

Ethical issues of imperial tobacco

But while health is undoubtedly the biggest issue, other impacts should be covered in more detail. Yet the logistics section contains only a brief description of the steps it is taking to reduce environmental impacts.

Similarly, a brief paragraph in the environment section covers steps to tackle product and packaging waste and litter. The company has committed to reviewing other areas including international marketing standards, product stewardship, employment practices and community investment.

Hopefully, this will include disciplinary action for breaches of internal and external standards, as well as product lifecycle impacts, ethnicity data particularly for senior management and community economic impacts.

New for is an eight-member stakeholder panel that comments on the review. It has an interesting make-up, including the Altadis human resources manager and the director of a UK pro-smoking NGO.

They make several recommendations including one to extract key information for clarity and accessibility. Imperial Tobacco says it has addressed this but it could do more. Information about performance and impacts is often hard to find.6 days ago · The FDA’s New Tobacco Rules Are a Victory for Public Health.

November 19, (The Washington Post) – THE FOOD and Drug Administration’s sweeping new tobacco rules did not quite satisfy public-health activists seeking more stringent rules, nor industry-sympathetic conservatives who see them as a “heavy-handed regulatory plan.”In fact, the rules represent an extraordinary step in the.

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Tobacco industry officers and directors were found to hold 26 university related appointments between and , including posts such as governor, president, chancellor, and director, as wells posts in university affiliated teaching hospitals and in.

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