Dicuss the possible benefits of allowing

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Dicuss the possible benefits of allowing

The more people who bring their voice to the table, the more we can actually get done. Such flexibility helps parents continue to work while also raising children. It removes the stress of commuting, giving people more hours to spend with their families, which in turn makes them happier and more loyal.

And it lets people work when and where they can be most effective, which improves productivity. Flexible work options increase productivity. Both anecdotal evidence and scientific research support the notion that people who are granted work flexibility see a boost in productivity. For example, in statistics compiled by Global Workplace AnalyticsJD Edwards teleworkers were shown to be percent more productive than their office colleagues.

And American Express employees who worked from home were 43 percent more productive than workers in the office. Flexible work options reduce turnover. Recruiting and training new employees is expensive.

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their hiring processes and to keep the workers they hire. Flexibility and telecommuting can help in both respects. A willingness to recruit remote workers expands the potential talent pool, especially when it comes to millennials who expect flexibility.

Statistics also show that flex workers are more satisfied, and thus, less likely to leave a company. Furthermore, companies that offer flexibility generate good word of mouth, both internally and externally, which can help with recruitment and retention.

Flexible work options improve morale.

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Workers who can telecommute occasionally or otherwise participate in flexible work plans tend to be healthier, both physically and emotionally. Evidence also suggests that flexibility is good for the brainleading to happier workers who are also more creative.

Flexible work options are eco-friendly. In addition to helping workers feel better and more productive, telecommuting can also help your company be part of reducing climate change. Eliminating or cutting back on daily commutes reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Properly using videoconferencing and other remote communication tools can help companies reduce business travel, which also cuts pollution. People who work from home also use less electricity, fewer supplies, and less office equipment, reducing waste.

If your business wants to be environmentally friendly, flexibility should be part of its culture. As mentioned, flexibility usually leads to improvements in employee recruitment and retention. Since hiring and training new workers is expensive, this is an obvious cost benefit to a business.

Work flexibility also tends to reduce employee absenteeism, and it can allow companies to more easily match their payrolls to seasonal or other shifts in employment, bringing additional cost benefits. And as companies embrace these options, life gets better for everyone.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Telecommuting Jobs. by Brie Weiler Reynolds, Senior Career Specialist | February 21, Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of telecommuting to think about when deciding if a telecommute arrangement is the right fit for you.

Dicuss the possible benefits of allowing

Digital devices in the classroom could lead to an even greater disconnect. Could widen the gap: Technology spending varies greatly across the nation. Some schools have the means to address the digital divide so that all of their students have access to technology and .

Advantages: Better Patient Care: The first benefit is the most obvious.

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Patient care is the primary purpose of any improvisation in healthcare management. ICD greatly increases the level of detail, leading to higher ability in measuring quality and safety of healthcare.

Dicuss the possible benefits of allowing school pupils to rate their own teachers. Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 ( words) Published: January 4, Education is the key to sucess for people all over the world. A good education hinges on good teachers.

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