Devil tom walker theme essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The three stories all comment on Puritan beliefs and the nature of man, and they deal with the fear of the unknown and not wanting to face the truths.

Devil tom walker theme essay

Near this swamp, inlives a miserly fellow named Tom Walker and his wife, a woman as miserly as he. One day, cutting through the swamp, Tom comes across the remains of an old Indian fortification and discovers a skull with a tomahawk still buried in it.

The man, wearing a red sash around his body, has a soot-stained face, which makes it appear as if he works in some fiery place.

Tom soon recognizes the stranger as the devil, Old Scratch. When Tom tells his wife of the encounter, she greedily urges him to accept the bargain, but to spite her he refuses. When she does not return for several days, Tom, uneasy for his valuables, goes to find her.

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Thinking that he has found the valuables, he opens the apron and discovers only a heart and a liver. Although unhappy about the disappearance of his valuables, Tom is consoled by the loss of his wife. Old Scratch does not appear for some time, however, and, when he does, he seems reluctant to discuss the treasure.

Finally, though, he agrees to relinquish the treasure if it will be used in his service.

He first suggests that Tom become a slave trader. Tom balks at sinking that low but agrees to go into business as a moneylender or usurer. Tom moves to Boston and becomes successful, exacting hard terms and showing no mercy to those in his debt.

Growing older, Tom regrets his bargain and searches to find a way out of the pact. He becomes zealous in church attendance, prays loudly and publicly, keeps an open Bible in his home, and always carries a small one with him.

He does not, however, give up his harsh business practices. One hot afternoon, dressed in a white linen cap and silk morning gown, Tom is about to foreclose a mortgage.


Having left the small Bible in his coat and having covered the large one with the mortgage, Tom is helpless to prevent the devil from placing him on the horse, which gallops off down the streets of Boston.

The next day, his house burns to the ground, and Tom never returns. It is said, however, that the swamp and Indian fort are haunted by a spirit on horseback wearing a white cap and morning gown.___ “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving STEP 2: Choose one of the following prompts OPTION A: Write an essay that identifies the story/essay’s Romantic theme/main idea and purpose.

Describe the tone and mood of the text and explain how the author uses imagery, figures of speech, American Romanticism Final The theme may involve greed, evil, and/or hypocrisy Tom is greedy enough not to want to share his wealth with his wife so he calls off the deal.

Devil tom walker theme essay

Mar 01,  · I'm writting an essay about the story The Devil in Tom Walker and I need to write about what the trees in the story symbolize our teacher told us to state Resolved.

The Devil and Tom Walker Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Devil and Tom Walker is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Greed drives the plot of "The Devil and Tom Walker." Tom and his wife, two miserly people unhappy in their marriage, encounter the devil in the swamp outside Boston.

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At first, Tom refuses to make. "The Devil and Tom Walker," a short story by Washington Irving, tells of a man who sells his soul to the devil, known as Old Scratch, in exchange for great wealth. He becomes a usurer, swindling money from other people, until he is old, and the devil comes on a black horse and carries him away.

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