Business planning for cultural heritage institutions for mental disease

People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds Page last updated: Australia is also home to refugees, who have a unique and often traumatic experience of migration. Considering relapse prevention within a multicultural context requires understanding the differences that arise through cultural and linguistic diversity.

Business planning for cultural heritage institutions for mental disease

Racial, ethnic and cultural disparities exist in all aspects of society, but nowhere are they more clearly documented than in health care. In addition, their infant mortality rates are generally higher, and their childhood immunization rates are lower.

A set of congruent behaviors, attitudes and policies that come together as a system, that system, agency or those professionals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.

The word competence is used because it implies having a capacity to function effectively.

business planning for cultural heritage institutions for mental disease

It is integral to eliminating health care disparities and providing high-quality patient care. It influences the way patients respond to medical services and preventive interventions and impacts the way physicians deliver those services.

In a society as culturally diverse as the United States, physicians and others in health care delivery need sensitivity toward diverse patient populations and work to understand culturally influenced health behaviors.

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At the individual practice level, there are several things groups can do to cultivate cultural competence: In other words, do not merely tolerate people of differing backgrounds and viewpoints, but consider differences as strengths.

Conduct a cultural self-assessment. One example of a fairly comprehensive cultural competence self-assessment tool is shown below. It was developed by Tawara D.

Be conscious of the dynamics when people from different cultures interact. Diversity can cause conflict and force individuals out of their comfort zones, but it need not cause division. Adapt service delivery to reflect an understanding of cultural diversity.

In other words, move beyond theory and into practice by carrying out changes to meet the needs of your diverse patients. There is a vast difference between a group that merely preaches diversity and a group that lives it. Physicians can lead the way in creating more culturally competent delivery systems and eliminating the striking disparities that exist among their patients.

Cultural competence self-test The following self-assessment can assist physicians in identifying areas in which they might improve the quality of their services to culturally diverse populations. Please enter A, B or C for each item listed below.

Communication Styles When interacting with individuals and families who have limited English proficiency, I always keep in mind that: How to use this checklist This checklist is intended to heighten the awareness and sensitivity of personnel to the importance of cultural and linguistic competence in health and human service settings.

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It provides concrete examples of the kinds of beliefs, attitudes, values and practices that foster cultural and linguistic competence at the individual or practitioner level. There is no answer key with correct responses. Self-assessment developed by Tawara D.

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The cultural competence of service providers, both clinical and non-clinical, is essential to relapse prevention for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Health providers need to be culturally sensitive in their assessment, diagnosis and management of clients.

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Cultural Importance Fish is an important cultural icon in Washington State that defines a recreational as well as a spiritual way of life in the Pacific Northwest. Fish is not only an important source of nutrition, the act of catching, preparing, and eating fish are important cultural and family practices as well.

Education, Research and Cultural Preservation Groups These groups have specific missions geared towards improving education, providing more educational opportunities, promoting cultural awareness, or preserving the culture of specific populations.

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