Biodegradable paper plates

We carry a complete range of economical, compostable tableware products, including plates, lids, bowls, food containers, and cutlery. Whatever your special occasion, our environmentally friendly tableware products help create an elegant, eco-friendly table setting with little effort.

Biodegradable paper plates

Foam food container Many disposable foodservice products can be made of plastic or plastic-coated paper: Foamed polystyrene sometimes referred to as Styrofoam is in one of the most common types of plastics used for foodservice packaging, in the form of the foam food container.

Non-foamed polystyrene is sometimes also used for utensils or plastic plates. Polyethylene and other plastics are also used. Plastic wrap is sometimes used to cover a tray of food. Many plastics are marked with the SPI recycling codes for identification. Paper and paperboard[ edit ] Paperboard clamshell for fast food Biodegradable paper plates foodservice products made from paperpaperboardand corrugated fiberboard: Some paper products are coated - mostly with plastic - or treated to improve wet strength or grease resistance.

Paper and paperboard packaging like pizza trays, French fry trays, Chinese noodle soup boxes, hamburger clamshell trays, etc. Molded pulp products are made from recycled newsprint and are formed under heat and pressure into plates, bowls, trays and cup carriers. Molded pulp is readily recyclable.

Wood and Bamboo[ edit ] Disposable Wood Fork [8] In recent years manufacturers have been working on developing more sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic products. Amongst them are plates and cutlery made from bamboo and wood mostly birch.

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Throughout the entire life cycle of wood products, there are far fewer environmental repercussions than with traditional plastics or so called "bioplastics" like PLA. Currently wood and bamboo products are more costly than traditional plastics and not as widely available, which makes it challenging for some restaurants to switch.

Alternative materials[ edit ] A number of manufacturers are now making disposable foodservice products from a combination of natural starchesrecycled fibers, water, air, and natural minerals.

Ideally these products are easily biodegradable and composted after use. The material used to make these kinds of disposable foodservice products is primarily PLA or polylactic acid. Some products are made from a mixture of PLA and pulp fibers that are molded into disposable foodservice items with heat and pressure.

Others are made from a composite or mixture of starch and other materials, such as limestone and recycled fibersto give them additional strength. Cost[ edit ] By reducing the need for equipment and additional labor, disposable foodservice packaging is an economical alternative to multiuse items and eliminates the need for dishwashers and other support equipment racks, carts, dollies, shelving, bins It can also save money on water and energy used by dishwashers and can eliminate the need to replace reusables that are broken, damaged, stolen or accidentally discarded.

In order for the business model to work, fast food chains, notably McDonald'shad to convince consumers [12] through advertising campaigns to carry their own tableware to a waste bins, in order to avoid labor expenses incurred in clearing tables.

Biodegradable paper plates

By establishing a custom in which customers are encouraged to carry disposables, some of the internal costs of the disposable tableware can be offset.At PrintGlobe, we’re dedicated to making sure you get the perfect custom printed paper plates for your business, so you can serve your customers and employees that slice of birthday cake or pizza in style.

How Printed Paper Plates Can Help Your Business. Go green and demonstrate environmental leadership with these excellent 10 heavy duty paper plates. These Biodegradable plates are percent compostable and environmentally sustainable. Biodegradable plates are typically made from bagasse, which is a material that is made from sugar cane.

This is a widely available renewable and sustainable resource. Biodegradable plates made from bagasse will decompose over time and do not have the same negative impact on the environment as non-biodegradable plates and other containers.

1PLY Dispenser Napkin 1/6 Fold WHITE Sugarcane / Bamboo Mix pcs. Chinet® Classic White™ plates and bowls are strong enough to serve the heaviest, messiest meals with style. What are Chinet® Classic White™ plates and bowls made of?

Biodegradable paper plates

Chinet® Classic White™ plates and bowls* are made with % recycled paper fibers. Supplier of both compostable and regular paper products including paper coffee cups, PLA cold cups, sugar cane clamshells, and soup containers, among other earth-friendly products!

12oz Compostable Biodegradable Clear Cold Cups. Regular price $ Pacific Green Products Mailing Address: Josephine St., Santa Cruz CA

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